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My style is just that...My Style

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Everyone say it with me, My style is "MY" style. First and foremost let me say it's a new year and a new beginning, if you have yet to determine your personal style, that's a great resolution for 2019. Defining your style is essential to defining your beauty. Knowing what look lights that fire inside of you, what outfits, accessories, make-up, etc put that pep in your step, because you know you look good is essential to self-esteem. Wearing clothes that don't compliment you, that make you feel homely, out of place, uncomfortable, awkward, etc are bad for the soul. When we leave the house, you should leave your house head held high, sway in your hips, and smile on your face. You should only have utilized something old, something borrowed and something blue when you're walking down the aisle. Honey don't borrow someone else's style, don't let your soul be full of the blues and quit wearing clothes, shoes and purses that you know are old and tired.

Secondly, ladies please understand that my flare ain't necessarily going to be your flare and we must respect each others flare. For instance, being a 'Natural Hair Sista' I'm learning is a entirely different culture within a culture and I'm digging some of the flare that they embody, keep in mind I said some; hence the term #UrbanHippie. I may leave the house in an oversized sweater, leggings, dirty uggs, with a slouch hat on, rocking three inch over-designed nails with bright red hair. I can promise you I don't care whether you or the next person likes it. It's not a conflict with my job, I feel super fly, and my man loves it. Who else is there to impress? If you are conservative wear it and wear it well. Cause let me tell you, conservative when done right always looks like money no matter where you shop. On the other hand I could spend a good portion of my check on labels and still look cheap and overdone. Don't get me wrong I'm always gonna have love for my Hip Hop/Urban wear because my shoe game and purse game is more random than my wardrobe.

If you are into trends, I say embrace them, follow them, and show others how it's done. But please be mindful or should I say understand that because you think ol' girl's outfit is a mess and you wouldn't be caught dead in, if she feels good there ain't nothing you can say to change how she feels. I'm pretty sure she checked herself out in the mirror before she left and thought 'I'm hot', posted pictures on FB, Twitter, and Instagram and got likes from those closest to her.

In the end, pick a style, any style..Just get some flavor and quit worrying about what the next person has to say about what you have on. I would say stop worrying/talking about what the next girl is wearing but that would be going against the social norms of being a woman. So instead, know they're gonna hate, they're gonna stare, and they're gonna talk, but Katt Williams said it best's called self-esteem, how am I (or anyone else) gonna affect how you feel about your *bleep* self!

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