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I'm sorry about the trauma you have experienced

The older I get, the more people, places, and things I am exposed to. The more time I spend on social media the more knowledge and insight I gain into the lives and others. I must say that I am finding that we live in a world filled with broken people who need to heal, find love within themselves, respect for others, and better-coping skills.

As people share their opinions, thoughts, feelings, and actions openly with strangers you gain insight into their world, perceptions, and realities. There are many lessons to be learned and unlearned. I recognize trauma responses and signs of PTSD overlooked and undervalued disguising themselves as personality traits.

I've seen several memes that reference people who overanalyze others and their intentions. We must be mindful that this cannot always be attributed to nature. This may be more of a trauma response to unhealthy relationships, low self-esteem, lack of guidance, poor parental relationships, or low emotional intelligence.

This isn't to say that we should view the world with rose-colored glasses and operate in a bubble of naivety (although it is my preference) but it does mean that at some point you should be able to take those you encounter at face value. Do not look for ill intentions in people who have given you no reason to expect anything different from them. Also, do not look for grand gestures in those who have given you no cause to believe that they have anything to offer to you other than what is in front of you.

I could continue on this topic but I will leave you with this... If you see darkness in people more than you see the light, shine the light on yourself and look for the root cause. The same applies if you see light in individuals who continue to show you darkness.

Never be afraid to look inside it's where the healing begins.

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