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Stop being the victim

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

If you're old enough or cool enough to remember the movie Life you would definitely remember 'Can't Get Right'. Most of us have encountered or know someone who just seems like they can't get anything right. This isn't about victim blaming, that is a completely different topic. It's about those people who constantly seem to be dealing with trials and tribulations and its never their fault. They can't keep a job because someone is always out to get them or their employer was the worst company/person to work for. They can't keep a mate because there are no good women/men out here. Their kids are having issues at schools and the teachers and other kids are just picking on them.

Don't get me wrong sh** happens and with life comes with many ebbs and flows. I've definitely had my share of turbulence but we have to be able to recognize when we are making decisions that are creating excess issues. Your life was not meant to be spent fighting one battle after another especially when changing your actions or thought process can reduce and maybe even eliminate unnecessary drama. Don't be that friend that is always crying over something. Be that friend that brings joys to others.

You may not realize it but relationships with someone who's plate is always full of strife is emotionally taxing on those around you. For this reason keeping lasting friendships and meaningful romantic relationships may pose as a challenge for 'Debbie Downer'. I know it is not always easy to pick yourself up with the world around you seems to be crumbling but its important to your mental health, your well-being and to those around you.

They say don't kick a man/woman when he's/she's down but sometimes its not about kicking it's about being tired

of you always being down. It's about helping you realize that the problem this time is the man/woman in the mirror. Good friends are honest with you and that doesn't mean rude or harsh it means saying.. 'it didn't work on your job because you call in too much or you didn't get your

work done.' ' Your kids keep getting in trouble because they act grown and disrespect adults, there's no telling how they are behaving outside of the house' He was a cheater when you met him, so what did you expect. ' She's dated half of the city, why did you expect anything different'. 'You're broke because you keep quitting jobs.' 'Sis he didn't take care of his other kids so why did think it would be different. Put your big girl/boy pants on and let's figure this out. We have walls to knock down ceilings to break, and stereotypes to crush there is no time to continue to be the victim. But there is plenty of time to prove everyone wrong.

If your stuck start by reading 'As a Man Thinketh' by James Allen. It will change your life.

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